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Dan Atkinson Death by a Thousand Pricks - One4Review

Dan Atkinson Death by a Thousand Pricks
This is now the third time I have seen this young hairy comic performing at the Fringe, originally seeing him in Comedy Zone and then in his solo show last year Credit Crunch and other biscuits. In fact Atkinson opens this years set with references to this show and his ability to predict what may be happening in a few months time due to his show titles. Atkinson it seems is getting more angry as he gets older , and the way he prowls around his space he certainly gives the impression of a caged lion eyeing up his next victim. That said his audience interaction is minimal, Dan has got his show to do and that’s what he is going to do. Due to his slightly faulty alarm clock he is forced to listen to radio phone-ins as a wake up call and this has inspired the theme of his show, illustrated with sound bites of some of the best, or should that be worst examples of those who call in. Following on from each the erudite Atkinson  expounds his views and offering possible solutions to the issues raised, often solutions, however well reasoned are a little unexpected to most of his audience.   He is without doubt a clever individual, he doesn’t resort to gimmicks or cheap gags, yet he seemed to find this audience hard work. I must admit we were not the most laugh out loud bunch, but I’m sure like me all were enjoying the performance.   ***  

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