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Justin Moorhouse : Seven - One4Review

I really like watching Justin Moorhouse on stage as he always looks like he’s having fun.  Sweaty fun, but good fun nonetheless.  His easy banter and genuine desire to entertain an audience shine through and ensure that from the very moment he introduces himself we’re on his side.  This is enhanced by his assertion that he’s not here to make us think, his only job tonight is to make us laugh.   So how’s he going to achieve this? As is the Fringe way there has to be a concept to his show.  This year Moorhouse has decided to hang his laughs around the number 7, hence the somewhat disturbing Snow White flyers (I don’t think Disney will be calling anytime soon, unless it’s to issue some kind of lawsuit.  Mind you, I think that bearded and northern is a route they should consider taking – Disneyland Scunthorpe anyone?).  Alas, this is not simply a show about dwarves, although they do get an honourable mention.  Moorhouse is instead looking at the idea that there are only 7 basic plots in the world.  If you’re not overly literary don’t worry, this isn’t some kind of twisted English lecture.  Each plot is used as a springboard for Moorhouse to jump into a story about his own life or beliefs.  But not beliefs that make you think, remember.  Just ones that make you laugh.  Except that they do make you think a wee bit, but only about how people that sue for compensation after they’ve had accidents are idiots who shouldn’t be let out on their own.  And that’s hardly a revelation. Moorhouse states that he doesn’t react well to criticism – a fact that is also expertly woven into his show.  Luckily for him I couldn’t find much to criticise.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would urge anyone seeking a solid hour of entertainment to seek him out.  You’ll be in SEVENth heaven!   (Don’t worry, his jokes are better than mine). **** 

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