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Maria Tecce in Viva - One4Review

We enter the Edinburgh Suite at the Assembly Rooms to find three very attractive men on stage playing a guitar, a double base and an accordion. A few minutes later a very stunning Spanish Senorita, Ms Maria Tecce enters and starts singing in Spanish. Her inspiration and subject material blends Argentinean Tangos, Spanish ballads, jazz, rumba, boss-a-nova and chocolate. Each instrument accompanied Maria in turn as well as in various mixes, she also plays guitar herself. The musical numbers vary in language and she introduces most of the songs in English with some translations along the way. Her influences vary from past experiences, maiden aunts, Nina Simone, May West, love, lust, loss and chocolate. There are too many highlights to mention but unfortunately the CD is not available yet. Maria’s band are the Magnificent Fecundoliers, Michael McFarlane on guitar, Andy Mitchell on double base and Bob Turner on Accordion. The evening is set up to be a predominantly Spanish Fiesta, a spree, shimmering and seething with sensual salvos of seductive sexual syncopation sending the audience into a frantic frenzy of appreciative applause, Viva! *****  

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