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The Mikado - One4Review


Usually for a production of an established work, say Shakespeare or Gilbert and Sullivan, an abbreviated version is devised for the Fringe. This is not the case with Happy Go Lucky’s production of The Mikado. Here we have a full 140 minutes version with a short interval between Acts 1 and 2. This results in a very satisfying experience.

There is an intimate feel to the production. The musical accompaniment is provided by a lone female on keyboards placed at the side of the stage and what a fabulous performance she gives. Thus, there isn’t the barrier of a small orchestra between the audience and the performers. The set is minimal and there is no large chorus, the nine principals taking on this role. The men’s costumes are what are expected but the three maids’ dresses show more leg than normal.

The singing is very clear and of a uniformly high standard, no mikes being necessary, and is sustained all the way through. The comedy is very funny. Being close to the stage, every word, action and facial gesture could be heard and seen. The updated version of ‘The List’ song is a huge highlight, a satire on modern personalities whom we could do without.

Leaving the auditorium, it was noticeable seeing the smiles on the audience’s faces and hearing the many favourable comments.

Reviewed by Ben

theSpace@ Surgeon’s Hall: 53

19 to 25 August 2012

15.40 – 17.50

Fringe Programme Page Number: 243

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