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Lloyd Langford – Old Fashioned 4**** - One4Review

Lloyd Langford – Old Fashioned 4****

| On 12, Aug 2014

Lloyd Langford may be around 30 years old but inside there is a much older guy it seems and in his none threatening laid back manner he gives a performance that suggests he has a lot to moan about and also some things that he really likes. Towards the top of the show he even lists a few likes and dislikes to give the flavour of the fare to come.

Langford has a section on the Edinburgh Zoo, especially linking in to pandas and penguins, a tour to Dubai, E-cigs the use of drugs mostly positive observations but with a slightly negative spin occasionally and his low key approach adds to this rather than detracts.

Sections on gym changing facilities, the Royal Family, plugs, energy drinks and even conditioner are other subjects that he has an opinion on and wants to share and all this was well received by the sell-out crowd on the night.

This old fashioned chap who prefers books and DVD’s to downloads is certainly a comic well worth catching, and if he was quaffing a pint of real ale from a pewter tankard while entertaining all it would certainly not be out of place,

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Jack Dome

18.50 to 19.50


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