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Stuart Goldsmith - Extra Life 4**** - One4Review

Stuart Goldsmith – Extra Life 4****

| On 18, Aug 2014

Some comics seem to have the ability to make an audience feel comfortable from the onset, whist others inspire trepidation.

Goldsmith falls into the first category as the packed out Attic space found out because before he has done his initial getting to know you warm up, and they remain that way throughout his entire show.

No there is no way that he could be called ground breaking in his style or his material, much of which is on familiar subjects long distance relationships, couples, dating, supermarket ‘grazing’ self-service checkout robots and his desire to be a dad all feature heavily in a well written and professionally presented hour where the stories linked seamlessly

For me the most endearing part of his set was the closing story about his ancient grandmother. His descriptive powers made it seem as if the lady was with us, but like most of the stories he presented finished with an excellent punchline.

There is little doubt that Goldsmith is a good value for money performer and I can’t see anyone leaving feeling short changed by the show on offer, and a smile on the face seemed to be the default setting.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Attic

19.00 to 20.00


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