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Stu And Garry and… - One4Review

Stu And Garry and…

| On 14, Aug 2015

I’m gonna break with convention here. I know it is my role to review the shows, but I’m going to review the audience. I know how good the lads can be, but what about the crowd?

Okay Improv may not be everybody’s bag but here you have two of the best exponents of the art strutting their stuff, also an added guest as an extra. So why, a) not too many people there and b) why didn’t they play there role of actually engaging with the very talented performers.

Okay I suppose you pay your money and it’s up to you the way you watch a show but the ethos of Improv really does require feedback. Murphy and Dobson are great, but they are not magicians. They regularly pack out the Stand outwith the Fringe. Give them something to bounce off. Is it too much to call out suggestions of topics, emotions, places etc? That’s all they ask.

But of course you can help. Get down there. Put you mind into giving a little back as these two, in conjunction with whichever guest they have run their way through at least seven facet of their art.

Audience **

Stu & Garry ****

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand Comedy Club

Until 31st August (not 17th)

12.30 to 13.30

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