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Kriss Foster: The Mug Tree 3*** - One4Review

Kriss Foster: The Mug Tree 3***

| On 15, Aug 2017

This is a slow moving show – roomy – which has lots of pleasing elements rather than outright belly laughs, delivered by an apparently awkward, genial, northerner. The show ponders along through a variety of subjects and bouncing off various props – including the promised mug tree – contextualising some rather nice whimsical songs, including one I particularly enjoyed about taxidermy.

Mr Foster manages to both appear rather awkward and fish-out-of-water on stage and use this as a tool to engage and endear the audience, which worked well for the most part. He had a few different techniques for bringing the audience in to the show, and a few more equally good ones for shutting them down when they went too far.

Despite all of this – and the flashes of excellence in the songs and in some of the word play – I didn’t find it a particularly memorable show, without anything in particular to make it stay with you beyond leaving the venue.

Promising, but not there yet.

Globe Bar, 18:00

Reviewed by Laura

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