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Alice Fraser    Ethos  3*** - One4Review

Alice Fraser    Ethos  3***

| On 08, Aug 2018

In her last Edinburgh Show (Empire), Alice took a piercing look at the highbrow intellectual challenges of our time and succeeded massively.  I guess her regular following were expecting more of the same but interlaced with a  penetrating look into AI and its influences on our lives. If that was the plan it didn’t work.  Firstly the promised AI manifestation failed to impress.  Somehow I had expected  more on a technical level than a cut down 80’s style Max Headroom on screen.

However, with Alice we don’t come for the special effects, we come for the sophisticated observations and obtuse jokes.   Our  journey took  us through the laws of robotics, then to the Australian comedy circuit ,where we encounter some dubious characters.  We hear about a father’s hopes for the “ageing” Alice.  We stop along the way to reinforce Alice’s feminist credentials.   At the end I felt that this particular journey with Alice was a bit disjointed and uninspiring.

Entertaining comedy with a heavier edge.


Reviewed by  Robert

Underbelly, Bistro Square -Friesian

8th to 12th 14th to 27th Aug at 19:55



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