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XOXO Moongirl 4**** - One4Review

XOXO Moongirl 4****

| On 05, Aug 2019

Nicole Burgio is an artist that likes to push herself to the edge. This is demonstrated at the start of the show as walks backwards across the table asking the audience’s opinion on how much further she can go before she falls off.
The music performed by Melanie Hsu creates the atmosphere as Nicole energetically moves around the stage relating her story.
Nicole’s story is about growing up in her family home that was plagued with domestic abuse and complicated relationships. Pretty heavy going you would think, but Nicole manages to deliver this with humour and keeps your attention throughout with her energetic performance. She keeps the audience on their toes, getting a couple of members in the audience to take on roles within her story. Maybe it was just luck, but this worked pretty well as the audience members were really good.
Nicole makes excellent use of props and the space on stage throughout her performance. She is an amazing acrobat. I particularly enjoyed the emotional trapeze act towards the end of the show.
Nicole is a versatile talented artist. She brilliantly delivers a story demonstrating that life can be tough at times but you will get through it if you believe in your dreams. If you love physical theatre then I would recommend you see this show.
Reviewed by Lynn
Assembly Checkpoint
19:50 (1 hour)
2nd – 25th August

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