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Daphna Baram: Unmuted 3*** - One4Review

| On 24, Aug 2021

Ms Baram doesn’t apologise for her Israeli accent anymore (why should she ever have?), and there’s little else to be apologetic about in this show either. Ms Baram is a story teller, and this year – and the rest of her life – has certainly given her some tales to tell. Covid features, though growing up in Israel, and a visit to her family last May, mean that Ms Baram is able to give us a different perspective on the lockdowns; and being a woman of a certain age means she’s got some thoughts on having Covid too.

Ms Baram is a confident performer, though the individual pieces of the show are perhaps a little disjointed (missing notes notwithstanding), undermining the punch of her punchlines and the flow of the narrative a little. Those punchlines do land, however, and while some of her best lines are dark, sharp, and pithy, there’s a lovely variety of funny, from startled squawked laughter to gently gooey awws.

While Daphna has politics in her backstory, there’s nothing overtly political in this show – just energetic engaging stories from a fascinating woman.

Review by Laura

Laughing Horse at The Counting House
12:30 (until 29th)

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