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Garrett Millerick - Just Trying to Help 4.5 **** - One4Review

Garrett Millerick  – Just Trying to Help 4.5 ****

| On 21, Aug 2022

I think I should state at the start the Garrett Millerick is a proper comedian. He is a commanding presence, both physically, and cerebrally, with a loud, occasionally shouty voice and always has something to say and it usually makes sense.
A lot has happened since 2019, the pandemic obviously, a new daughter, quitting smoking and getting gout. He is getting older, the targeted adverts are changing, equity release, solar panels and funeral plans replacing porn and penis enlargement for example, and that’s for openers.
Climate change? China using coal. Send Greta. After all Margaretta sorted the Welsh didn’t she? Then there is Top Gun 2, the down flow of hate, fighting, and the rise of the new Father Xmas. Or should that be Jesus Christ?
Although he holds a mic, he seldom needs it, or even uses it. He can project his take on issues in a way that is commanding, yet never intimidating. That said he totally dealt with a noisy stag party who were disrupting proceedings by removing them, a move that earned a cheer from the rest.
His show is one that should not be missed. He is a breath of fresh air for comedy lovers, okay slightly angry at times but does garner way, way more laughs than most. And believe me he puts his heart and soul into his hour.
Reviewed by Geoff
18.25 to 19.25
Monkey Barrel 4
Until 28th

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