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Yuriko Katani – Kaiju About 3*** - One4Review

Yuriko Katani – Kaiju About 3***

| On 13, Aug 2022

Now let’s get things clear from the start, this is a nice show, Yuriko has plenty of stage presence and gets plenty of empathy from busy venue audience, everyone willing her to succeed . And of course, this is comedy in her second language.
During her hour we learned a lot about the differences between her native Japan and the UK, what a Kaiju is, the trials and tribulations of trying to move flat in London, Beauty and The Beast, dried flowers and how nice people can be when treating an injured urban fox. She also demonstrated a skill for a little shadow puppetry and demonstrated an ability to drink large quantities of water.
Plenty of interesting content for sure, but what we as an audience found out there were plenty of chuckles, some giggles but unfortunately there was nowhere near enough laugh out loud moments, and just occasionally it felt a bit comedy by numbers i.e. insert swear word here.
I’m sure she will go down well with every audience, as a nice person with a story to tell that is interesting to hear, just wish there were a few more real laughs included.
Reviewed by Geoff
Pleasance 10 Dome
19.10 to 20.10
Until 29th (not 15th)

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