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Josh Jones: Waste of Space 4**** - One4Review

Josh Jones: Waste of Space 4****

| On 10, Aug 2022

Josh Jones is a very camp northern comedian. His stand up is fast paced, energetic, high energy. He barely stops for breath between one topic to another.

Unlike a lot of young comedians appearing at the Fringe, Josh has honed his talent on the tough north of England pubs and clubs comedy circuit and tougher still for such a flamboyantly camp act. I think that is what makes him more able than most to gauge an audience’s tolerance level, if you like, on graphic gay sex jokes and how far to take it. He is also comfortable with hecklers and a bit of audience interaction, even if it might throw him off course momentarily with his train of thought!

One of the recurring themes of the show is that Josh would very much like to come across as intelligent despite his thick northern working class accent maybe suggesting otherwise. He would like his show to be a bit more high brow. Maybe comment on a few current affairs topics, a bit of political commentary perhaps but I think that is really not what he is about and there are plenty of comedians talking politics. Josh is purely about entertaining and making his audience laugh for an hour.

Quite a side from the actual very graphic, not for TV material, he has the stand up style of mainstream comedians from the classic era of comedians on TV in the 1970’s and 80’s. Indeed he would sit comfortably alongside the current crop of household names such as Alan Carr and Tom Allen.

The future is bright!


Reviewed by Margot

The Pleasance Courtyard (Bunker 3)

20.30 (1hr)

Until 28th Aug (not 15th)

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