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Katie Pritchard : Disco Ball 4**** - One4Review

Katie Pritchard : Disco Ball 4****

| On 13, Aug 2022

Katie Pritchard is a force of nature! How is it possible to keep that level of near hysterical high energy going for a whole hour? Even for a mere audience member it is quite exhausting and I haven’t even left my seat.

Katie is such a likeable character and it is difficult not to be drawn into the madness on show. Katie is like a cross between a manic childrens’ entertainer and a mad Auntie at a wedding that doesn’t get out much and takes it too far.

In what is her debut Fringe show we don’t learn much about Katie in between the mayhem, the songs and the costume changes. Only that there is a “former flatmate ex partner” and that she was recently dumped by the “former flatmate ex partner”.

The show is supported by Audio Description which gives Katie the opportunity to describe her costume changes to comical effect and gives the show another dimension. This is an hour of pure fun packed escapism.

The songs are entertaining and indeed Katie is a talented vocalist. What’s not to like?


Reviewed by Margot

The Pleasance Courtyard (The Cellar)

18.05 (1hr)

Until 29th August (not 15th)

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