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Seann Walsh is Dead. Happy Now 4.5 **** - One4Review

Seann Walsh is Dead. Happy Now 4.5 ****

| On 13, Aug 2022

Most people go on Strictly to boost their career I think it is fair to say. And for many it works. When Walsh was booked to the dance show he dreamed of Stadium gigs, stratospheric career rise, the works. But, as most people will know he got caught kissing his dance partner even though he was in a steady relationship and she was married. The tabloids had a feeding frenzy and it is fair to say his career suffered, and still is, as he tries to regain his previous status.
Walsh has returned to what he does well, he is a very funny man, with a story to tell, and a packed crowd to entertain. He does both with style.
He talks in depth about his upbringing, his father’s narcotic dependency, his own addictive personality, his spendthrift ways, never having a phone charger, and the dangers of liking drinking.
Walsh’s life has changed since that kiss, yet slowly he is rehabilitating himself, I’ll leave you to see the show to find out how and why. His life seem to have suffered for that indiscretion, maybe somewhat more than it should. It has also deprived the comedy fans of the chance to see a top class performer, but at least this August there is a real chance to catch him live.
Reviewed by Geoff
Stand One
22.00 to 23.00
Until 28th (not 15th)

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