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Susan Riddell: Living My 2nd Best Life 4**** - One4Review

Susan Riddell: Living My 2nd Best Life 4****

| On 21, Aug 2022

Ms Riddell is from Glasgow, and delivers swear words throughout the set as only a Glaswegian can. It’s delightful. Perhaps because of the accent (she does say she’ll annunciate for any non-Glaswegians), or because Ms Riddell is both experienced and very good, this show felt measured and relaxed and totally secure, without feeling like it was lacking in content. Ms Riddell is confident enough that she doesn’t feel the need to pack things in and change direction every two minutes. Each topic was thoroughly explored, with only the finest distillations of funny presented for our delectation.

Ms Riddell bemoans her good fortune in life because it’s left her with no great tragedies from which to build a show. Tragedy isn’t necessary for Ms Riddell’s comedy, however, as she makes very good funny out of fairly mundane happenings – like having mice, breakups, and dog grooming. She seems entirely at ease on stage, and deals charitably and humorously with the whole audience, from those who’re nodding along with her anecdotes about dating apps, to those who need to find loo.

This is a lovely, light-hearted show from an accomplished performer.

Reveiwed by Laura

Monkey Barrell Studio

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