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Tom Crosbie: Nerd's Eye View 4**** - One4Review

Tom Crosbie: Nerd’s Eye View 4****

| On 13, Aug 2022

Tom Crosbie will put a smile on your face, that will partly be due to the gentle humour and partly due to sheer amazement.

I first saw Toms show in 2019, sort of by chance as magic shows aren’t usually my thing, but I was eventually lured in and what an enjoyable experience it was. Now I’m a regular and try and catch his Edinburgh show whenever I can, this show is so much more than predictable card tricks and rubik’s cube twisting, it is the rubik’s cube as an art form. Tom’s slick and charming presentation makes the hour go very quickly, he engages well with the audience who support the act by picking cards, answering questions, you get the idea.

The memory feats are truly amazing, and Tom educates us a little in how they are accomplished, very useful if you want to remember the complete works of Shakespeare , which is course is something Tom has done!

Tom uses the whole room and the whole of the audience, there is a pleasant soundtrack, and a digital Donkey Kong type introduction to the show, so the gamers in the family will be happy.

This is such fantastic family entertainment, afterwards I have to restrain myself from going up to young families and recommending the show to them ! I don’t want them to miss out!

Highly recommended family entertainment


Reviewed by Robert

Gilded Balloon Teviot – Dining Room

14.30 (1hr)

Until 29th August

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