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Kirsty Mann: Skeletons 4**** - One4Review

Kirsty Mann: Skeletons 4****

| On 11, Aug 2023

Kirsty Mann delivers a lovely show which is scooting across the Venn diagram to the overlap of comedy with theatre-slash-play. There’s a lot of theatricality in this show, from the lighting to the sketch-scenes to the characters (all played by Ms Mann), and it comes together really well to tell her story.

The show’s got a bit of a preface, where Ms Mann does some introducing of the show, its premise and some of the people involved, and then we’re into the telling of the story. It’s very well written, with enough humour to balance the sad, and a satisfying conclusion. It touches on some serious topics (Covid in particular, and how long that trauma will reverberate) but also One Direction and comedy shows and self-absorbed flat mates.

Ms Mann is a great performer, confident and personable on stage, endearing the audience from her first appearance. Her tale is entertaining and riveting and a generally lovely show.

Reviewed by Laura

Pleasance Courtyard
17:50 (1hr)
Until 27th (not 15th)

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