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Los Guardiola-The Comedy of Tango 5***** - One4Review

Los Guardiola-The Comedy of Tango 5*****

| On 10, Aug 2023

Giorgia Marchiori and Marcelo Guardiola provide a wonderful hour of dance, mime and comedy to tell stories of best loved tangos. It feels as if you are watching a silent movie as they perform each of the seven acts.

There is a lot more to this programme than comedy. They are incredibly talented dancers and mime artists that completely draw you into each story about loves, vices and virtues. They tell their stories through a demonstration of mime and dance. There is the tale of the emigrant arriving by ship in Buenos Aires getting a job as a maid in a local hotel and meeting an Argentinean Creole, who has taken a fancy to her. The Bachelor Flat is performed on a box. The box is a metaphor for a bulin, an apartment used for sexual encounters, inspired by the famous apartment in Buenos Aires on the second floor of 348 Avenue Corrientes . You cannot take your eyes off the amazing footwork as the performers dance on top of the box. To Each Their Own Tango takes place in a milonga, a salon where tango lovers meet to dance. There is a hilarious performance as the dancer gets overzealous with her kicks and flicks on the dance floor. The show ends with a beautiful piece called Paper Heart. Dressed as Pierrot dolls they take you on a dreamlike dance performance on a journey to a fantasy world.

The dance, mime and music flowed perfectly together throughout the performance. Amazing storytelling from these hugely talented artists. Definitely worth seeing.

Reviewed by Lynn

The Space Triplex

4th – 12th 16:10 (1 hr)

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