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Brave Space 5***** - One4Review

Brave Space 5*****

| On 13, Aug 2023

Brave Space, by Chicago-based Aloft Circus, is genuinely a delightful gem. The show transports you into a world where closeness and community take centre stage. Walking in, there’s an immediate intimacy that welcomes you, the all-white theme, which feels like a blank canvas, waiting for the stories to unfold. But beyond the aesthetics, it’s the raw human connection that makes this showcase of talent.

The show is brimming with heart and skill, from acrobatics that defy gravity to tiny moments of pure emotion between the artists. Each performance, whether it’s a quite stunning aerial act or a simple, loving glance exchanged, makes you feel more than just an observer; you’re an active participant, almost feeling the pulse of the show. There’s a nostalgic magic that sweeps you off your feet, like the pure joy of playing beneath a blanket as a child.

And while Brave Space tries to cater to all, the design of the experience might feel a bit limiting for some. The close-knit environment means you’re shoulder to shoulder with strangers and although mostly you are sat inside the makeshift tent you will stand and even lie down to get the most out of this stunning experience, this isn’t a show you can casually sip a flat white. But in the end, it’s all a part of the unique charm. It’s not just about watching but immersing and being one with the spectacle. The music, too, plays its part, adding layers of emotion, and making each act feel even more ethereal.

The performers that take us through this experience are a pure joy to watch and marvel at as they perform some serious acrobatics, from the balancing act at the start which forces you not to blink to the Chinese pole routines that a simply stunning, ariel work and hoop work is quite standard at a circus show, however when you are this close and intimate it suddenly changes and you feel you are experiencing a much more nuanced and touching performance. As the tent rose at the end I realised how comfortable I felt within the tent and rather sad the experience was over, the hour flies by and while I may not recommend the show for those with mobility issues (although some chairs were provided) this experience is a stand out at the meadows.


Reviewed by Matthew
Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows – The Beauty
11.00 (1hr)
Until 26 Aug (Not 14 or 21)

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