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Olga Koch - Prawn Cocktail 4**** - One4Review

Olga Koch – Prawn Cocktail 4****

| On 13, Aug 2023

It is not so unusual for the underlying theme of a Fringe show to be ‘what happened to me over the last 12 month’s and in essence this is the case here. Although being Olga Koch it is far from usual.
She has turned 30, the first woman ever to do so, got 3 tattoos, only one, a prawn, she has been advised to show the sell-out audience, completed her Masters degree, travelled the world visiting South Africa, Australia New Zealand ,twice, and of course Japan, often in search of her sexual goals and gratification.
Koch’s thesis on ‘parasocial relationships’, where one person feels a closeness to someone they idolise, the other party unaware of them, planning of a liaison on spreadsheets, fulfilled and unfulfilled sexual goals. Visits to ‘Magic Mike live’ matinees, her family, karaoke are just of a few more of the stopping off points on her journey a series of stories that gradually intertwine as the hour progresses.
Olga has stage presence in spades, she roams her stage, engages with some audience members, finding the funny in everything, and garners belly laughs a plenty. The show is well written and performed. The crowd I saw her with were a little subdued, yet if she had a livelier bunch it would have been an even better experience I’m sure.
Reviewed by Geoff
Monkey Barrel 1
19.35 to 20.35
Until 27th August

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