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Myra Dubois: Be Well 5***** - One4Review

Myra Dubois: Be Well 5*****

| On 17, Aug 2023

Oh, the anticipation I felt when sitting in the front row waiting for drag royalty Myra DuBois to grace the stage with her glamorous presence. I’m a self-confessed virtual groupie, I have been following Myra on Instagram for several years. 

She is part of the genius creative Gareth Joyner and their universe of character comics, such as ‘the only straight man in show business‘ Frank Lavender. Unlike her brother in-law Frank, Myra has a substantial résumé already performing at the London Palladium, Sydney Opera House and making the likes of Graham Norton and Simon Cowell howl with laughter. 

In an already saturated world of Ru Paul’s Drag Race and lip-syncing queens, it’s hard to believe that traditional British queens still survive. But this bombshell of mature beauty is here to sort all that out.

Like it or not, she’ll let you into a closet of wisdom from her recent visit to a Wellness Detention Centre. This ‘Empress of Empathy’ and now guru of wellness will heal you from the tyranny of this world

I close my eyes and took a deep breath (Myra’s instructions of course) and repeated some affirmations, I open my eyes only to see our foreboding queen of greatness getting ready to nurture her audience. In reality, I, a mere ‘plain woman’ was hung, drawn, and quartered.

First the gorgeous acid tongued hairspray blond draws you in with a fake sense of safety and comeliness; listens to your problems then abruptly offers you some ‘get over it!’ therapy. Naturally.

An incredibly polished gem of a show. While Myra feels she is probably the best woman on this planet, I don’t think she even knows how on-point this show really is. Myra displayed endless talents in stirring up a crowd who fall about laughing over her key findings on healing; I truly left the auditorium renewed.

If you love drag go see Myra, if you’re not sure about drag then definitely get a ticket, you’ll be silly to miss this utter force of nature; she is everyone’s Myra and should be crowned one of Britain’s national treasures.


Venue 23 Pleasance Dome: Kingdome

20.00 (1hr)

August 17-27

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