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Childrens 2015 Archives - Page 3 of 3 - One4Review

Mirror Me 5*****

August 12, 2015 | 1

Mirror Me tells the simple story of a young girl named Ani and her reflection, Ina, who lives on the other side of her bedroom mirror. Following a row with her dad, Ani and Ina decide to switch places, which leads to Ani appreciating … Read More

The Tiger Who Came to Tea 4****

August 11, 2015 |

Judith Kerr’s much known and loved children’s book is brought to life in this simple and delightful production. The three actors on stage in the Pleasance Grande sing and dance their way through the simple and easy to follow story. … Read More

Morgan and West’s Utterly Spiffing Spectaular Magic Show for Children (and Childish Grown-ups!) 4****

August 9, 2015 | 1

As nineteenth century magicians, Mr Morgan and Mr West enter our theatre with their good guy and bad guy roles firmly established. Instantly the audience is wrapped around their fingers and the show begins.

This is a terrific way to … Read More

Tall Tales for Small People: American Folk Stories and Songs 3***

August 8, 2015 |

This show was performed in The Pleasance Green, the children were invited to sit on the floor around the campfire whilst they got to relax on the bean bags. This was a great show as not only did it provide … Read More

Jay Foreman’s Disgusting Songs For Revolting Children 4****

August 8, 2015 |

What a great experience this was! The show is performed in the Pleasance Green, and to date I have yet to find venues more centred upon children than the Pleasance, so as you arrive, the bigger children(grown ups) are sat … Read More

Katie and the Mona Lisa 4****

August 8, 2015 |

Based upon the book by James Mayhew, this is a delightful and thoroughly entertaining musical performance. The cast are engaging and appealing and keep the audience enthralled throughout the entire performance. The story is that of a young girl visiting … Read More

The Piper 5*****

August 8, 2015 |

I have awarded  this performance with 5 stars simply because I can’t go any higher. This is a tremendous children’s show which offers the audience full participation in the production from start to finish. It is extremely well worked out … Read More