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Love, Marilyn

August 8, 2004 |

Marilyn Monroe must be one of the most famous and beautiful women of the 20th Century, and many, many words have been written about her. This ambitious production of Love Marilyn, written by Valerie Goodwin, has as a cast … Read More

Blue Velvet

August 8, 2004 |

The current penchant for adapting films for the stage is often lost on me. I am not a fan of movies, I prefer my entertainment live, so I am in the minority who could not compare this with the … Read More

Play This

August 8, 2004 |

On entering the space there is a living room set, the lights dim and the action begins. Twenties couple Tom and Jenny interact and the action moves on until…… in steps Greg, the writer of ‘Conversation Peace’, which is … Read More

Son of the father

August 8, 2004 |

I never really thought what Joseph might feel after the death of his son. This two hander depicts the scene between Mary & Joseph, after the crucifixion and interment of Jesus. We know little of his younger days or … Read More

Fierce: An Urban Myth

August 8, 2004 |

This new up to date musical follows the life of Finlay, a fourteen years old with a disability which makes him need tablets to feel good.  Some label him a spastic, others see him as a dreamer as for … Read More