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Honk! - One4Review

One of the constants that have been noticeable over the Fringe for the years that I have been covering it is the Royal Holloway Music Theatre and their constant supply of quality performers in ‘not the norm musicals. This years production of Honk is well up with the best of that tradition I am pleased to say. This musical is loosely based on The Ugly Duckling, with our hero Ugly, Michael Burgen,  born to Ida, Emily Juler, and Drake, Simon Pearl. He of course suffers in comparison to his siblings and the other birds on the farmyard, also pursued by the very sensuous cat, Cirocca Dunlap, with an eye to a meal. All must be aware as to how the story unfolds, and the multitude of characters that feature in the growth of Ugly are Elizabeth Carter, Nicola Walmsley, Terri Turner, Dai Reed, Nicky Davis, Lucy Cherry and Kim Wren. The show is director and choreographed by Eleanor Lacy and the band controlled by musical director Dale Evans. This early afternoon musical is suitable for one and all, a few toddlers who were at the performance I witnessed got as much out of it as the adults, and I would suggest that this is an excellent example of what can be done with talent and application. ****

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