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The Audition - One4Review

Auditions. Aren’t they often cattle calls? Far too many actors called and subjected to the rigours. This is different. Lauren, Catherine Kitis, wants to be an actress. She craves fame, but how far is she prepared to go for this? Stella , the director, Naomi Martin does not believe in the traditional audition process, each of her auditions last a day and are one to one. Stella pushes Lauren to her limits, subjecting her to all manner of tests, all designed to either make or break her. So how will the timid mouse who enters react to all this? Booze, drugs, humiliation, seduction, physical violence are all tricks of Stella’s audition process. This for me was another of these gems that are to be found in the brochure. It nearly didn’t make it onto the list to see, but am I glad it did. There are two superb performances from the actors and the play written by James Johnston and directed by Rachel Yu is a powerful piece of theatre and there is also some live cello playing by Robert Baldock as well. *****

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