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Andrew Maxwell – Waxin’ - One4Review

The King of Comedy is back in residence for Fringe 2007, with his show entitled Waxin’. Such is Maxwell’s popularity he is now in a much larger room, but he manages to recreate the intimacy that I’ve grown to expect from his performances. Sitting on his stool at the centre of a large stage, pint sized Maxwell looks a leprechaun on a toadstool, but the man has the presence and of course enough comic talent to spare to fill the huge space. Maxwell doesn’t gag, he relates some of the many and varied crazy things that have happened in his life over the last twelve months, either personal things, like nearly been arrested for heterosexual swimming, his observations on the bad summer, religion, a text he received from the IRA and a face to face meeting with Irish Premier Bertie Ahern soon after passing some less than favourable comments about him on TV. He is a born raconteur, and it is obvious before he informs us that he really loves what he is doing. He threatens, I would like to think promises, to continue in his chosen career two years after anyone wants to see him perform, and then he’ll do cruise ships. Well Andrew, for me, don’t think about the latter for the next 40 or so years, and judging by his massive following I’m sure I am not alone in my opinion. ****

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