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Doctor Stein by Jonathan North - One4Review

For over 20 years Leitheatre have built up a solid reputation for their Scots comedy productions. In return, they are supported by a loyal and appreciative fan base. This year’s two act play is the sequel that Mary Shelley didn’t get round to writing. It is Edinburgh in the1820’s when Burke and Hare have a plentiful supply of body parts. Dr Stein, after a miraculous escape, turns up to further his ideals. After a patchy first act, the comedy literally takes off in the second act when Frankie Stein comes to life. All the principals play their parts effectively but catching the eye were Billy Renfrew as the idealistic Dr Stein, Steve McDowall as a ‘Stan Laurel’ version of Frankie Stein, Dorsay Larnoch as the muddled servant and Fiona Mackay as the young, headstrong Mirren Ramsay. Many of the elements of traditional, light comedy are displayed – bawdy humour, unrequited lovers finally coming together and final scene revelations. Grand entertainment from a company who know how to play to their strengths. ***

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