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Justin Moorhouse - Who’s The Daddy - One4Review

This chubby genial comedian is obviously obsessed with his own youth and therefore also with the way he is bringing up his own kids. The majority of his set centres round his family, his two kids, an ex-wife and his current wife. He then refers to his own size, not that he is sizest but he has had a rather large woman in his front row, when asked her name she said ‘Tony’, to which he replied is that not a man’s name. No she said ‘Toni’ with an i to which he replied “that is ‘tiny’ surely not!” At which point apparently she waddled out of the show. These comments set the tone of the whole evening. Mind you not being exactly svelte like myself I understand where he is coming from when he said, looking for XXL clothes which are always at the top and back on the hangers you almost feel they are made in Narnia. Although I found him funny I couldn’t say it was hilarious, but I did have a good time. As this was his first Edinburgh Fringe Festival it will be interesting to see if he comes back and how he develops between times. ***

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