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Rebus McTaggart: Crimewarrior - One4Review

Ecclefechan’s finest crime fighter Inspector Rebus McTaggart is back on the case so the criminal fraternity in this Dumfries and Galloway town had better watch out. As in last year’s sell out run creator Richard Thompson has the super sleuth giving us a crime lecture. Thomson interacts with the audience keeping them on their toes, and  this comic crime fighter with an eye for the ladies in particular enlists their suggestions and even one phone number during the lecture with the added bonus of live crime fighting. Thomson is a master of his art, has comedy timing to die for, can sing, do character work and given that he writes his own shows can certainly write as well. Throughout the all too short hour he had his packed house with him and speaking to two young ladies from Glasgow after the gig, we were all agreed that we would recommend that everyone saw this show and again all agreed on the rating below. ****

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