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The Bad Film Club - One4Review

Nicko and Joe invite you to join their film club for an evening.  In turn, they will provide the film, ensuring it’s one of the worst ever committed to celluloid, along with a running commentary on what exactly makes it so very, very bad. The film in question on this night was Top Gun.  Great, I thought, Tom Cruise, cheesy dialogue and overt homoeroticism are sure to provide a few giggles.  And I was right, a few giggles were provided . . . for the first half an hour or so.  After which it became somewhat tiresome to hear cracks made repeatedly on the same subject.  I ended up becoming absorbed in the film whilst trying to blank out all the voices around me, which I’d imagine wasn’t the desired effect The hosts also invite the audience to shout out their own opinions of the film, believing it will provide a cathartic experience.  However, this really only works if the company that surrounds you has a concept of wit.  Being a late night show, wit is often replaced by alcohol and lack of inhibition which eventually results in the same few voices being heard over and over again.  1 hour in and I felt like I had been transported to some tenth level of cinematic hell.  Other attendees managed to escape during the film and it’s not a great endorsement to end a show with a 50% drop in your audience. It’s an interesting idea but its successful execution ultimately relies upon the film being shown, the commentary provided and the comedy potential of your fellow audience members.  *

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