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Dan Antopolski  Penetrating Gaze  - One4Review

Dan’s back and in cracking form. His material is fresh, funny and delivered at a hectic pace. Unpredictability and the trademark gaze keep the audience engrossed. He flits from topic to topic without wasting time on contrived links. One minute he can be describing the detailed categorisation of porn videos, the next he can be having an imaginary conversation with a randy worm with a Spanish accent. He is also launching himself as rap performer. His style of rap I really enjoyed because I could make out the words. The sandwich one was my particular favourite. He does take one big risk in his show. He talks about the two daughters he has fathered in the past three years. As he admits himself, talking about your own children can be really boring, but, if you are an observational comedian, why ignore such wonderful and hilarious material. With his return he will give pleasure to those who enjoyed his shows in previous years, and also attract a new generation to his brand of comedy. ****

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