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Harry! - One4Review

My first introduction to Shrewsbury School at the Edinburgh Fringe was with Jekyll! In 1995. This adaptation was written by Moore, Went and Fanning and was so superb I bought the CD. I have seen all six productions since then unfortunately the last two productions in 2004 and 2006 did not in my mind live up to their previous shows, perhaps this was due to the technical problems in the new space they were using. I decided not to give up and revisit well into the run to see how ‘Harry’ was compared to the past. I am delighted to say I think they are almost back to top form. I really do not like the space they are in as the dimensions are very awkward and I have only once in the past 12 years seen one show which has not had technical, particularly sound, issues. ‘Harry’ is loosely based on Shakespeare’s  Hamlet with several additional twists and unique additions. Although the whole rectangular space is used the main action is confined to the middle third. Yes as usual for that venue there were sound problems but as I was sitting front and centre I was able to hear the main vocals directly from the performer. There were some interesting and very catchy musical numbers. I am glad to say that for me Shrewsbury School are almost back to their thrilling original selves but still think a better performance space with decent sound system would have been the difference between 4 and 5 stars. ****

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