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Old Girls - One4Review

Old Girls is a contemporary black comedy written by the director, Donald Marcus, in association with Ted Marcus. Set in London, the action takes place in the flat of the assured and sophisticated Mallory (Keira Duffy) and her husband the simple minded Phillip (Daniel Grant Smith). Mallory has organised a reunion with four of her former school chums, all very much products of the English public school system. With Phillip’s exit the four girls arrive in turn Ramona (Natasha Lloyd-Owen), Katherine (Lottie Kirk), Alice (Anna Sheinman) and Jane (Josephine Starte). The girls are now very attractive women in their mid twenties. The humour in the dialogue is based around one-upmanship rather than camaraderie. This comes out clearly in the put down of Jane, the bubbly homely mother, by the sexy airhead, Katherine who has found fame as a celebrity. However, each of the girls has their own sinister agenda. Murder and dead bodies pile up until only one survives the killing spree, plus Phillip who makes a timely return – a case of the survival of the most cunning and luckiest. Collectively, the cast maintain the high paced tempo. There is one fight scene which could be played with somewhat more scary menace in what is an entertaining play. ***

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