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The Godley Hour - One4Review

*****  5 Stars

 I have been well aware of Glasgow funny woman Janey Godley for a number of years now, but due to the fact that the reviewing ticket was always claimed by the boss, or failing that Diane from our team my opportunities to see her perform were strictly limited and I had never managed to see her Fringe show until this year when I grabbed the ticket with both hands.

Janey begins the entertainment before the show has actually started, welcoming her audience with introductions as to who each is. As she has little pre-knowledge of who will attend it is her off the cuff thinking and witty banter that keep us royally entertained while we are waiting.

Describing herself as a ‘over friendly cleaner’ rather than a comedian, Ms Godley proceeds to her set, claimed to be written the previous day, and containing a series of linked anecdotes as only she could, her use of words painting marvellous pictures and dissolving the very healthy crowd into roars of laughter throughout.

Janey involves many of her crowd, but is certainly non-confrontational, she just seems to be a very gregarious, not to mention extremely talented and funny lady, and now I can see why I never got a chance for the reviewing ticket before. She is almost too good.

Her show is usually on the sell-out board each Fringe, so don’t delay get your ticket now. If you do you could well be too late.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank her for the personal touch she wove into her show for me. You’re right Janey, I know she was with us in spirit. And she was laughing her socks off.  


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Queen Dome V 23

4 – 30 August

19-00 to 20-00

Fringe Brochure Page 67


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