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Carl Hutchison: Acceptable - One4Review

4 Star


Carl Hutchison was a name I was unaware of until recently, but I’m sure it will be a name both I and everyone will be aware of in the near future. This Geordie is currently part of the thriving Manchester scene and this Edinburgh hour is causing a bit of a stir in some circles.

He is a youngster too, only 25, so hopefully he will have numerous years ahead of him and if what I have seen to date he will always in demand .

The space he is playing is less than ideal and it sure didn’t help him on the night that not one, not two but three mics failed during his set, forcing him, unplugged, to compete against other noisy venues blasting out, but persevere he did. The audience were with him from the off when the strong start hooked most in, and their ‘lurve’ increased and supported him through the techy issues.

Hutchison has plenty of stage presence and a pleasing delivery, the material although not exactly groundbreaking is solid comedy and I can imagine that he won’t struggle to build up a following, probably with a load of young girls to the fore.

Remember his name; you’ll be sure to see it again, and again and again.

Reviewed by Geoff

Just The Tonic The Caves

Until 26 August

18-20 to 19-20

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