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Mitch Benn: - Reduced Circumstances - One4Review

4 Stars


I have been seeing Mitch Benn perform on and off for a number of years now, I reckon it is about 17 years or so and what has always been evident is the man’s mastery of funny songs linked by equally entertaining musings.

The title of the show this year points to the dramatic weight loss he has recently achieved and while he does talk bout this it is never in a ‘look at what I have achieved’ manner

What certainly hasn’t reduced is his ability to write funny songs, often topical, as those who follow the Now Show will testify to, and there are many of these throughout the hour.

He is inventive too; who would have thought you could play an iPhone? But with a very cheap app at least he can and shows us how it works.

Mitch is a highly intelligent comic who fires out funny material at the speed of a machine gun. You really do have to pay attention to him, but do so because the content does deserve to be heard and appreciated.

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand Comedy Club IV

2-26 August (not 13)

15-00 to 16-00

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