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Nish Kumar – Who is Nish Kumar? - One4Review

4 Star


Nish Kumar was a new name to nearly all of the near capacity audience at the performance I witnessed but once seen I’m sure most will not forget him.

Kumar hails from Croydon and is a Brit of Indian origins.

There is a myriad of different subjects that make up his set list, a list that majors on his earlier life, the family relationships including a cinema visit with his father particularly amusing and the issues including racism he encountered in his earlier life, illustrated with a couple of hilarious anecdotes that brought the house down.

Kumar is an engaging comic, often self deprecating in style, and a self confessed Buffy The Vampire Slayer addict who is totally frightened of women has a no gimmick style but an all inclusive appeal, an appeal that will see him doing rather well in the future I’m sure.

In what is his debut Fringe solo show Kumar runs through a list of rejected show titles, mostly clever puns as is the vogue, and I feel he will certainly need one or most for the next few years as I reckon he will be a feature for the foreseeable future.

Reviewed by Geoff

Underbelly Daisy

Until 27 August

20-20 to 21-20

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