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Jenny Eclair - Eclairious - One4Review

| On 05, Aug 2013


Jenny Eclair’s humour is quite divisive, along lines of gender, age and probably comedy. Some of the people in the audience just didn’t find her amusing. I thought she was super.

I knew her voice from the radio – but apparently you might know her from reality TV too – but I wasn’t aware she did stand up – or that she could be so salty and down-to-earth (those are compliments). Ms Éclair is no longer a teenager, and many of the subjects in this show relate to the aging process. But it’s also about the fact that she’s very comfortable with herself, has a healthy disrespect for any sense of shame, and is quite happy to talk about things society would rather ignore, like incontinence, the boredom of sex and the taxonomy of sneezing.

This is a well structured and professionally presented show. I really liked the armchair and the headset microphone, because it felt like sitting talking to Jenny in her living room. I’d be delighted to have her in mine anytime.

Reviewed by Laura

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 19:30 (until 17th)


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