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Alfie Moore – The Naked Stun 3*** - One4Review

Alfie Moore – The Naked Stun 3***

| On 09, Aug 2014

Alfie Moore is a former police sergeant now turned stand-up comedian, who first crossed my comedy radar in the TV reality show ‘Show me the Funny’ and his 2014 Fringe offering like previous shows has been heavily influenced by his prior profession.

Now Moore is a pleasant comedian and he does have a lot of material in his comedy locker, but I always get the feeling that he is never totally comfortable in front of a large crowd and he does seem to pause visually prior to reeling off the next segment of his tale.

The Naked Stun is based on the true story of his dogged determination to track down a serial flasher and the trials, tribulations and red-tape that hampered his almost single handed struggle to apprehend the perpetrator. The show is obviously very anecdotal, yet Moore adds his humour in suitable places to enhance the experience.

He has recently done some work for Radio Four and is attracting plenty of folk to his show. I just wonder if radio would be a better medium for him?

Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly George Square Studio 4

16.00 to 17.00


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