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Head in the Clouds 4**** - One4Review

Head in the Clouds 4****

Review Overview

Brilliant introduction for the smallest theatre goers

| On 10, Aug 2016

Head in The Clouds
Ipdip Theatre

IpDip Theatre really know how to make shows that delight the very youngest theatre goers.
The half hour show is a rhyming tale, performed by two ‘farmers’ on a circle of green carpet grass around which the children sit in cushions. It tells the story of Cirrus the sheepdog who looks on askance as his three sheep float up into the sky to play with the clouds, refusing to return to his care until the rain starts. The performance incorporates many opportunities for everyone to participate – making music, touching, smelling, helping to blow the sheep into the sky and getting dampened when the clouds start to rain.
This gentle and well-paced package of sensory treats kept the very young audience utterly transfixed throughout and often giggling with pleasure. When the show is finished the boxes in which all the props are kept are reopened and everyone is invited to carry on playing – an invitation that was universally taken up.
If there are still tickets available it would be a wonderful introduction for your under 3 to the world of theatre.
By Karen
Head in The Clouds, IpDip Theatre
Royal Botanic Gardens, daily 10.30,1.30 and 3.00

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