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Keep Out of My Box (and Other Useful Advice) 4**** - One4Review

Keep Out of My Box (and Other Useful Advice) 4****

| On 07, Aug 2016

The show is described as a multi-character, mega, mini-musical, brought to us from New Zealand by Torum Heng and Edinburgh should be delighted she made the journey.

I really was not sure what to expect when I first arrived at “the meeting” and there were a few people trying to sit near the door in case they needed a quick exit. However, once Norma kicked off the meeting it became much more relaxed, she had even prepared snacks.

Norma was not able to get the night off so has to hold her meeting at work in her box office. Four other promiscuous women have joined Norma in her box to share their problems with the rest of the attendee’s. Each character has their tale to tell and a song to sing, all perfectly performed and written by Torum. There is some audience involvement but it’s all very informal and relaxed and can help Norma plan future meetings. It’s really about female empowerment. Each character seems to bring more laughs than the one before with a surprising but very amusing finale.

This show just really works, it’s clever, funny and confidently performed. The packed audience loved it and the Turret is a good space for it.

Reviewed by Sharon

Gilded Balloon
Until 29th (not 16th)

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