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Samantha Pressdee – Sextremist 3*** - One4Review

Samantha Pressdee – Sextremist 3***

| On 16, Aug 2016

Samantha Pressdee is a feminist. She believes in equality for women, the right to free the nipple and is heavily involved in the Edinburgh events to promote the cause.
Her set has a graffiti style message ‘Every Woman is a riot’ crudely adorning the backdrop as Ms Pressdee struts to the stage, leather jacketed, mini skirted and purple haired, performs a burlesque style routine before freeing her nipples with the slogan Still not asking for it written on her torso. As an opener it is certainly powerful.
The remainder of her hour is mainly delivered topless, if she was a male comic who would even question it.
She initially introduces herself to the audience, her accent and Black Country words explained and economic situation commented on drawing chuckles and laughter along the way. This is illustrated occasionally by images of her growing up, her with boyfriends, meeting her rockstar idols, even with Russell Brand.
Although she has been a troubled soul in the past, Samantha seems to have got it all together. She relates the journey she has been on, drawing humour from situations and actions, she is a compelling performer with a funny, well written set that held the attention throughout. She has a lot to say and as such I found that see did speak rather too quickly at times, perhaps losing some of the impact of her case.
That said it was a good solid hour for a comic I would be happy to see again.
Reviewed by Geoff
Just the Tonic Mash House Attic
22.20 to 23.20
Until 28th

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