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Phil Nichol Your Wrong 4**** - One4Review

Phil Nichol Your Wrong 4****

| On 11, Aug 2017

If you could collate the energy Phil Nichol puts into not just this show but the numerous others he is involved in then it would be enough to power a small town I would think, but day after day year after year he keeps doing it, giving each performance every last vestige of himself along the way.
The title emerged from a social media spat Nichol had with a couple of people, who steadfastly held different beliefs on subjects that they held dear, flat earth and Saturn moons a discussion that once they became a bit grammar nazi-ish he left.
Phil has always produced an enthralling performance and all the elements are still there, loud, brash occasionally in your face, and yes that still happens, yet there is a more personal side to this show. He talks of his family’s religious beliefs and growing up in Canada, but with this established, continues to a car accident that left his brother in a coma. Sounds a bit bleak. But remember this is Phil Nichol so maybe not so much.
The story is the centrepiece of the hour, but smart phones, The Weakest Link and his wife’s infidelity also feature. He rounds off with a story most hope really happened but who knows!
As always the writing and performance is top notch, the theatrics are there and his personality and charisma fill the performance space to bursting point.
Don’t miss this show. If you do, then your wrong.
Reviewed by Geoff
Monkey Barrel
21.00 to 22.00
Until 27th

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