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Jenny Collier: A Few Good Jen 3*** - One4Review

Jenny Collier: A Few Good Jen 3***

| On 10, Aug 2018

Some of this show was quite scatological, which didn’t quite match up with most of the audience, who were probably expecting comedy to match how Jen looks, which is innocuous and safe. This is a shame because Jen has an ear for the explicitly and graphically funny and deserves an audience who will fully appreciate her. I particularly, particularly, enjoyed the part that ended with a facial expression and the words ‘mine looks like this’.

Jen posits the show as an antidote to smug social media content about perfect lives, and offers up some of the things that have happened to her to remind us that even if the marketing makes it look wonderful, the balance of probability means it won’t all be good. The show starts with relatively temperate disasters and progresses to be more explicit.

Jen is a personable comic who made the most of the few pockets of enthusiasm in the audience. It’s not a show of profundity or deep thought, but it is extremely good at being what it is: moderately icky humour delivered by a charming and competent comic.

Reviewed by Laura

Laughing Horse @ Espionage, 16:00

Until 26th

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