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The Amazing Bubble Man - 4**** - One4Review

The Amazing Bubble Man – 4****

| On 24, Aug 2018

The Amazing Bubble Man is a regular at the Edinburgh Fringe, and it’s easy to see why he consistently fills big venues. Everyone loves bubbles, and getting to see them do more than just pop on the nearest hedge is a joy for children and adults.

This year’s show starts off with straightforward bubbles, but moves quickly onto bubbles from interesting things with holes in.

Musician Jet Black Pearl plays during this, and I found it off-putting – bubbles are so ephemeral, that if you turn away from the bubble action because she gets louder, you miss something special.

Special moments included using helium to get bubbles rising, and using a careful helium / air balance to keep them floating nearby, along with using smoke, which enhanced the experience, as it’s easier to see the lines between bubbles and appreciate the artistry.

There are bubbles within bubbles, plain old air bubbles that still manage to defy gravity, and a spot of interesting bubble science. Some of the children get to help out on stage, kissing or wearing bubbles, with big smiles – the later being reflected back by the audience.

Reviewed by Gill
Underbelly George Square
Until 27th

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