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#Honest Amy - Amy Booth-Steele - 4**** - One4Review

#Honest Amy – Amy Booth-Steele – 4****

| On 15, Aug 2019

Amy Booth-Steele defies logic. She has survived stage 3 cancer, recovered from a paralysis in her arm and suffered from debilitating depression, but she takes to the stage with a twinkle in her eye and charms the audience from the very beginning. She announces that she has written a show based on recent bizarre happenings in her life and assures us she isn’t lying. With a ukulele in hand she peppers her life story with witty songs covering her illnesses, body shaming and online dating. However her life is not always a subject for laughter. Occasionally we get a glimpse that she continues to struggle with demons, but we also realise that her darkest moments have been linked to beautiful memories that she will cling to forever.

The audience chuckle throughout, and there is such a feeling of bonhomie in the room that we quite happily smile and laugh as Amy downs tools for an unexpected break during her performance. There may be no howling laughter in the venue, but she deserved the cheers at the end for a warm and delightful show. A very enjoyable hour of honesty and ukulele music – who could ask for more!

Reviewed by Rona

Pleasance Dome –  10


Until 26th August

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