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Super Sunday - 5***** - One4Review

Super Sunday – 5*****

| On 05, Aug 2019

We open with a somewhat odd set-up. A giant white curtain, torn and dirty in places and then our performers appear, on what looks like homemade horses, come out on their knees. A funny interaction later, I think I know exactly what this show is going to be. I am wrong.

From dancing with a sledgehammer (how do you even practice for that?), a see-saw routine that really gets the heart racing, trampolining with a colourful surprise, a machine that the man behind me described as “not looking safe” launching our heroes through the air to an adorable bear that you pray ends up ok, nun-chuck action and so much more that the hour really does ‘fly’ by, culminating in an intense and potentially deadly finale that I won’t spoil here.

These adrenaline junkies take the audience on a white knuckle ride to truly understand the meaning of balance and gravity. I’m not sure how many times I gasped, winced, clapped, whooped and cheered, but it was more than during any other show I can remember. This truly is an Edinburgh Fringe must-see!

A high flying, adrenaline rush that all ages will love. If you see once circus show at the Edinburgh festival fringe this year, see Super Sunday and you won’t be disappointed!
Reviewed by Matthew
Underbelly Circus Hub on the Meadows-The Lafayette
21.oo to 22.oo
Until 24th (not 7th, 12th or 19th)

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