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Amy Matthews – Moreover, The Moon 3.5*** - One4Review

Amy Matthews – Moreover, The Moon 3.5***

| On 20, Aug 2022

Not that you could tell from her accent Amy Matthews is an Edinburgh based comedian and I was surprised to find out this was her debut hour on the Fringe.

It was a sold-out room and on hitting the stage she explained that she, like many of her age group, suffers from ‘Main Character syndrome’ a thing when their self-interest leads them to considering themselves a main character, surrounded by background actors in the film of their life. This may well be the case, and there are examples, but she is often self -deprecating, and maybe of others in her audience as well.

She can read the room, many would be her peers, but there is something for the older generations too. She talks of trips to a local aquarium, to experience goat yoga, yes, apparently it is a thing, discusses lockdown and a break-up, and where some people used this time for bakery or learning a language she got into snooker, well at least watching it. She also read some of the stories she wrote during this period.

This is a very decent show, one with genuine laughs and augers well for her comedy future.

3.5 ***

Reviewed by Geoff

Monkey Barrel Carnivore One

14.35 to 15.35

Until 28

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